Animal Production Level 3 Qualification


The Animal Production Level 3 qualification offers learners an opportunity to acquire expertise in animal production. The diverse range of potential learners includes farm operators aiming for promotion to supervisor roles within animal husbandry operations, farm owners possessing an equivalent NQF 2 qualification, individuals with varying levels of practical farming experience eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), and potential leaders identified within communities. This qualification is open to learners of all genders.


Key Objectives and Usage

Learners will actively participate in supervisory and operational activities pertinent to animal production, preparing them for roles of increased responsibility within the sector.

The development of this qualification is driven by requests and expressions of need from both broad and specific farming communities, particularly within the realm of animal husbandry.

  This qualification serves as a foundation for learners to pursue further specialization in various areas of animal production. It lays the groundwork for establishing sustainable farming operations by encompassing a broad spectrum of competencies essential for farmers in South Africa.

While technical production-oriented competencies are emphasized, the qualification also covers aspects such as agri-business and good agricultural practices. This comprehensive approach ensures that farmers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to strive towards agricultural management standards and practices at higher levels.


In summary, the Animal Production Level 3 qualification not only addresses the needs of aspiring supervisors and farm owners but also reflects the demands of farming communities and the broader agricultural sector in South Africa. By providing a pathway to specialization and incorporating a range of essential competencies, this qualification contributes to the development of skilled and capable individuals who can drive sustainable and successful farming operations in the country.

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