Animal Production Level 2 Qualification


The Animal Production Level 2 qualification serves as a progression pathway for junior personnel and selected candidates aiming to advance to the position of farm laborers (operators) within the realm of animal production. This qualification equips learners with enhanced competencies to participate effectively as part of a working team, engaging in agricultural processes relevant to animal production under general supervision.


Key Objectives and Usage

Learners will develop the necessary competency to perform directed activities and guide others at lower levels within the animal production context.

Competency will be attained in specialized sub-fields of animal production, including small stock, large stock, dairy production, aquaculture, etc.

Empowerment to make responsible decisions within a defined range, guided by a solid understanding of agri-business principles and good agricultural practices, to meet set objectives within the farm plan.

Ability to execute familiar procedures within a limited environment while adhering to relevant safety, quality, hygiene, and technical standards applicable within the industry.

Preparedness to extend learning and practice into other agricultural sub-fields such as plant production and mixed farming, requiring additional learning within the elective scope of qualifications at this level.

Positioned to advance towards higher levels of management and technical production practices as defined by qualifications at subsequent levels.

Enablement of learners to actively contribute to the primary agricultural sector by producing quality agricultural products, thus enhancing the overall agricultural process and accessing local, national, and international agricultural markets.

Qualifying learners are empowered to become economically active in farming practices, directly impacting local economic development through food production, improving household food security, and facilitating access to mainstream agriculture.


In essence, the Animal Production Level 2 qualification not only serves as a bridge for individuals aspiring to advance within the agricultural sector but also fosters their capacity to contribute effectively to agricultural development, economic sustainability, and food security at various levels.

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