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Fresh green tomatoes at the greenhouse. High quality photo

Support Sustainable Farming

The world needs to focus less on where food is grown (i.e., small farms vs large farms) and more on how food is grown (i.e., sustainably and efficiently). Small farmers can preserve biodiversity by using more sustainable techniques, such as rotating crops, inter cropping, alley farming, and using several varieties of a single crop. They can also use herds or flocks of several species and breeds as a strategy for maintaining high diversity.
Furthermore, small farms are more likely to spend their rands in the community on farm-related items (e.g.,machinery, seeds, farm supplies, and so forth.). Also, food grown locally, processed locally, and distributed locally can generate jobs and help stimulate local economies.

Best Selling Products

Farm Fresh Fruits

Fruits are important sources of vitamins and carbohydrates like fiber and sugar. They are low in calories and naturally sweet. Fruits and their juices are good sources of water, too

Fresh Vegetables

Vegetables are good sources of minerals, especially calcium and iron, and vitamins, principally A and C..

Organic Legume

They are highly nutritious and grown without any chemical pesticides and fertilizers, retaining the actual flavour and nutritional value of each bean.

Farming & Agricultural Training

Farmers Hope is an accredited training services provider with AgriSETA.

We offer training courses for individuals and groups seeking to pursue farming in a professional and semi-professional manner.The training courses are provided onsite, where the Farmers Hope team can do training at the client’s farm and online.

The training interventions help farmers through three distinct stages of:

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